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Peptides Guaranteed Over 98.8% Pure

What are peptides and how are they used? Many people have never heard of this beneficial health supplement, but peptides are on the cutting edge of anti-aging and fitness aids. Basically, peptides are a specific type of molecule that consists of two or more amino acids that are linked by the same type of bond found in proteins. Every living cell contains proteins and peptides, and they influence the biochemical activities of hormones, enzymes and antibiotics.

Peptides are combined with other ingredients used in beauty products to help replace the collagen that is lost during the aging process. Collagen is a protein that is composed of amino acids linked by peptide bonds, and as it breaks down it signals the body to produce more. When peptides are applied directly to the skin through the use of skin care products, they penetrate the skin and trick it into producing more collagen. The use of 100 percent pure peptides in these products is not possible, but a Canadian company offers peptides that are over 98 percent pure.

While the small size of peptides help them penetrate the protective barriers of the skin, they also break down easily. For this reason, it is important to avoid combining them with other ingredients that may compromise their ability to work properly and reduce their effectiveness.

Women dread the appearance of wrinkles on their face as they age, but there are now natural beauty products that they can use at home to improve the appearance of their skin enough to look years younger than they actually are. While beauty products containing peptides in the ingredient list are proven to work, the results are not immediate. The most effective method of applying peptides to the skin is through a serum or cream, and an improvement to the skin can be seen in as little as 12 weeks. However, the aging process will once again resume if the skin care regime is not continued.

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