BPC 157

Independent Quality Assurance

To be HPCL quality tested means Peptides Canada Direct is following the practice of “quality by design” in pharmaceutical development through technological standards set by Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited (HPCL).

The HPCL is a Fortune 500 and Forbes 200 company headquartered in India. They are renowned for engineering that maximizes productivity, quality and profitability that still encompasses a system that is safe and environmentally practical. To that end, Canada Direct employs HPCL methods for the utilization of concepts in pharmaceutical development.

Behind the scenes, the Food and Drug Administration is constantly looking for companies like Canada Direct to implement a system of development and planning that relies on more robust protocols as opposed to a system of trial and error. This is in hopes of securing a greater level of quality with HPCL methods. With its customer focused eye toward quality by design and being independently HPCL quality tested, Canada Direct can guarantee reduction of risk in performance and, as necessary, long term promises of safety in production.

Canada Direct has deployed the strongest practices through specialists that look for the highest standards of parameters that optimize process control. Whether it’s peptides, acetic acids, or sterile or bacteriostatic water, Canada Direct is utilizing priorities that avoids trial and error, and unneeded validation and documentation. It’s about cutting compliance costs, minimizing process time and man hours, and improving efficiency in all areas of production.

The development of quality by design is the responsibility of the individual company. While being HPCL quality tested has set the standard, with no rules set in stone, each company develops its own specialized and customized services based on local and international regulations, high quality practices and accepted methodologies. Looking to meet the highest standards, Canada Direct implements protocols that improve process validation, cGMP certification, IQ, OQ and PQ qualifications, factory and equipment testing, optimization of lab methods to met ISO 9001 requirements, and more.

Always determined to return an exceptional product, Canada Direct can be trusted to apply a system that incorporates the best procedures, equipment and staff. It’s about more than business. Their resources are utilized in important scientific and medical research, and development of good practices means protecting every home that could be impacted by a Peptides Canada Direct product.

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