BPC 157: How to Use It to Heal Your Body

As you might not have guessed, BPC157 is a peptide, making up the list of the top and the most sought-after synthetic peptides. Peptides are ideally naturally occurring molecules that can be found in both humans and animals.  They play a crucial role when it comes to the biological functioning of living organisms. There exist about 20 amino acids that occur naturally that can combine to produce a variety of molecules. A peptide is made up of between 2 to 50 amino acids. A chain with more than 50 amino acids becomes a protein. Body Protecting Compound or BPC is a molecular formula comprising 15 amino acids. It is regarded as synthetic by scientists due to its unique peptide chain, even though its origin was a certain protective stomach protein.

History of BPC157

Experiments have been conducted on the various peptides, with BPC157 repair tests dating back to 1991. Research is ongoing with some astounding results pointed out thus far. The peptide comprises 22 oxygen atoms, 62 carbon atoms, 16 nitrogen, and 98 hydrogen atoms.

Laboratory studies have confirmed some of the benefits of the Recovery Peptide as follows:

  • It neutralizes gut lining damage resulting from NSAID drugs.
  • Promotes tendon and ligament recovery by boosting cell survival, growth, and migration.
  • Direct bone and tendon healing efficacy.
  • Effectively counter damages caused by inflammatory bowel disease.
  • Cure for periodontal disease through continued administration in rodents.
  • Increased rate of healing of wounds, especially i those suffering from irritable bowel disease. It is thus beneficial for countering diarrhea, bowel inflammation, gut pain, and constipation.

How to Use Bpc157?

The Bpc157 repair may be effective but only when properly used, or as per the recommendation of an expert. Most of the researches has recommended a dose of between 1 to 10 mcg a day with respect to body weight. That is, 1 to 10mcg for every kg. A standard quantity of between 200 mcg and 800 mcg will be effective for the average man.

The dose can be split and induced two times a day, to get the best results. This being a systematic peptide will work whether ingested or injected. If ingested, keep it in your mouth for 1.5 to 2 minutes then swallow it. Direct injection should target the affected area. Inject it close to the painful area.

You can take the Recovery Peptide continuously until results begin to show. A month should be enough to achieve just that. If the injury or pain persists after a month, cease using BPC-157 for at least two weeks and resume thereafter. It is also wise to seek expert advice at this point. Feel free to check in with one of our experts regarding the use of the potent Bpc157 repair.

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